Hardline Beta… all aboard the hype train.


6 months have passes since the last beta and the game still plays like an old lady with a hip replacement trying to cross the street. That’s right folks despite EA trying to cram this crap down your throat and stating that they have fixed some issues with the game, and despite the delay in releasing the game, fundamentally the game hasn’t changed from it’s previous beta state. What were they doing for the last 6 months? Fixing Battlefield 4?

BF Hardline feels like a Battlefield 4 mod, a bad bad mod at that. I am still a firm believer that this game should have been an expansion pack to BF4 and not a stand alone game. It should have been an expansion which lends all the elements from BF4 and then it should have been skinned it to look like Hardline. It does not feel like a AAA title and there is no way in hell that EA will have me part with $70 plus taxes for this abysmal attempt at a video game. This is just another attempt at highway robbery by a AAA title publisher.

The game tries to be like counter strike, and it falls flat on it’s face. You can’t be counter strike, don’t even attempt it, there is a reason CS hasn’t changed their formula for their game in over a decade This formula works and it works well. People still play and compete in CS to this day. There is a reason Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike are in the list of the top ten most played games on Steam.

Folks this game is going to have a big problems on release, it will have the similar issues that BF4 experienced. Playing the current beta I noticed similar stutter and lag as in BF4 pre November patch. Let’s face it the BF4 engine which this game is built on, is flawed. The engine is so flawed that the last major patch released for BF4 used BF3 animations and it had a bunch of code rewritten. Code that has been re written from the release of Battlefield 4.

The internet is trying to hype this game a lot, but what I’ve learned from the internet in the last year is that the same people that try and hype this garbage are being paid off by these companies to do so. These AAA video game companies are trying to pull a fast one with these poorly designed games, you should reply in kind and vote with your wallet.

In the end there is nothing to see here just a poor BF4 skin that plays nothing like BF4, I’m not talking the actual game modes, I’m talking player movement and over all feel of the game. It feels like a sluggish arcade shooter which will never occupy space on my hard drive. I cringe at the thought that somebody will actually pay for this game. Try the Beta and let me know what you think.


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