Consoles have ruined gaming.

For the last little while I’ve been very harsh about the state of affairs in gaming, especially in the console space. Specifically with Ubisoft, EA and Activision. Console gaming exploded onto the scene in the last two decades and the 90s was perhaps the most important decade for gaming and gaming innovation both in PC and the console space. Technological leaps and graphical bounds happened during this decade. The Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and Playstation revolutionalized the 3D genre for consoles. I have never before or since enjoyed a console as much as the N64.



In the PC space, I remember buying an additional 4 Megabytes of RAM when DOOM II came out. I paid about $230 dollars for it. I also paired the RAM with a 16 bit Soundblaster sound card that cost me almost $150. I walked to the Futureshop at the town center with my older brother to pick it up. He was my insurance policy or rather muscle just incase someone was tempted by $400 worth of computer equipment. $400 was a lot of money for a 13 year old. It was an exciting time to be a teenager during those days and to be passionate about computers, computing, and computer games. But those days are long gone and now the Gaming industry has turned in to a perverse capitalist machine. A machine that is more concerned about profit than releasing a good functional product. I’m sorry to say it but the indie gaming industry is not immune to the above statement either.


These corporations are trying to churn out a game each year in every one of their Intellectual Properties. Recently I even read somewhere that Ubi said they’d like to release a new assassins creed game every year. These game budgets have swelled to millions of dollars, and there are so many people on these projects that the product comes out incomplete, buggy, and usually with a day one patch. The right hand is not talking to the left hand. The reason these games come out like this is because these companies are run by CEOs that have no idea what the game subculture is actually like, and I think they are trying to mimic the model T assembly line that Henry Ford championed but with games. If this happens you can pretty much guarantee the death of the creative and innovative. The industry is sucking the life out of gaming and all the naive kids that accept mediocrity are buying the garbage that these companies are flogging.


If anything the last two years has been a great example of how not to do business within the gaming industry. Evolve was the perfect poster child of gaming mediocrity masked by the illusion of original content and thought. The game was plagued by repetitive play, then came the DLC content overload. I read somewhere that if you bought Evolve and all the silly DLC that does not come with it by default you would spend about $200 on the game. If that isn’t a cash grab I don’t know what is. Then the broken game of Halo Master Chief Collection was another blunder. The online portion of the game wasn’t playable for 3 months after release. Guess what you consolation prize was for buying a game and not being able to play it? One free week of Xbox Live, ha ha ha, what a fucking joke. Don’t get me started on the actual operating system of the Xbox One, it is broken, and it is broken badly. The online experience is painful at best, there are so many bugs and glitches in it that most online play is met with frustration and anger.


All this leads me to the Wii U. I was always a firm believer that the only honest company and the only one that cares was Nintendo. Their games, albeit few and far in between, almost never needed a day one patch. You could usually play them straight out of the box, and their DLC prices for Mario Kart 8 were extremely reasonable. They were driven by gaming and creating fun games based on their already existing IPs. I was always a firm believer… but I was wrong!



Insert the amiibo. The amiibo is essentially an NFC enabled figurine that allows you to recall data associated with said amiibo. Well at first I was ok with these figurines, as they would mean a new revenue stream for Nintendo and the kids would have something cool to put in their rooms. I though it would be a sort of memory card that would hold your characters stats and you could carry it over to your friends house, tap it on their controller, and voila your character appears. Well I was completely wrong. Not completely wrong but overall wrong. You can still do with amiibo’s what I described above, however that is not all that they can do, let me tell you about the dark side of the amiibo. Some amiibo’s unlock game content. Tor example the Toad amiibo unlocks extra content in the game Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. I kid you not, and that is not the worst part either, the worst part is that Nintendo is doing limited runs on some of these. What does that mean? It means you are shit out of luck, unless you want to pay $30 CDN to someone online, where the retail price is $13.99 CDN. What about the coveted Gold Mario amiibo, $50, fortunately the Mario amiibo has 3 versions at this moment so any content locked behind the Mario amiibo can still be accessed with the other two figures. In the end Nintendo has created a black market for their amiibo figures. In my books this is worse than any of the other sketchy business practices that the console industry employs. With that said goodbye Nintendo, and finally, goodbye console gaming. You will wither into obscurity as mobile gaming is gaining traction and replacing the casual console gamer. PC gaming was  and always will be my mistress.

Update: Someone recently said to me.. “Consoles haven’t ruined gaming we’re just getting old.”. Nah, I don’t believe this at all, I still play games, I just play them on the PC where there is variety in gaming and the prices are not ridiculous. Also I can pinpoint exactly when consoles ruined gaming, this happened as soon as they became online capable. As soon as online capability was no longer a pipe dream for consoles DLC became a prevalent presence of the profit margin for gaming. This was true for the Xbox 360s and the PS3s. With the newer generation of consoles the Ubisofts and EAs took this a step further, now these companies would release broken games and with the online necessity of the Xbox One and PS4 they would patch the games as they see fit. This multi-billion dollar industry needs to be regulated, there needs to be a set of standards. Everything else has a lemon policy, and software should as well.

Update 2: COD Black Ops 3 was recently announced and with it further proof that gaming is just a cash grab for the industry. I haven’t for a long time nor will I ever again suppor this franchise. Check out the price.CaptureI rest my case!


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13 thoughts on “Consoles have ruined gaming.

      • The truth that console companies use deception to market broken and incomplete product. The worst part is all the fanboys are so emotionally invested in these products that they’re too blind to see that it’s all about sucking every last penny out of their wallet.

      • I have one in which I make lots of money. I do this because of fanboys like you who are delusional.

        It’s funny that you come here and comment about me being delusional yet you have contributed nothing to the argument.
        Which leads me to the conclusion of you being a delusional fanboy yourself. Having looked at your blog I can see nintendo and console fanboyism posted all over the site.
        You say that games and life intertwine, that’s just sad if you really believe that. Either that or you’re too young to realize that there is more to life than sitting in front of a screen and playing video games. Just like movies or television video games are a form of entertainment, the only difference is passive vs active forms of entertainment. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy all those forms of entertainment and my man cave reflects that, however these things do not weigh heavily on my life. They are there to fill gap in my spare time, like a book would. In essence to each their own. However the consoles this generation are sad shells of potential greatness, the companies that churn out these crappy clones of the previous versions of a game and the fanboys that eat it up are to blame for this lackluster attempt at video games and the mediocrity of the modern console. Then when someone challenges these companies, the fanboys come out swinging full force. They come out swinging because for some strange reason they form this emotional attachment to these corporate entities, and no amount of logic or reason will tear them away from that because the alternative would mean that their world as they know it would crumble and collapse. With that said, the only true gaming freedom left is the PC and the guy in the basement that has a great idea and takes 3 years to develop it. How many corporate clones have we seen on the shoulders of success of DayZ, lots, however none of them quite compare to the original idea.

        If I make a suggestion, next time you feel the need to comment on something, have something constructive to say or propose an idea or evidence. You have contributed nothing to this post at all except an opinion without basis.

        Thanks for wasting my time.

      • Sorry Nerd Drive but these console fanboys have NEVER owned a computer in their life or even used one unless maybe at school as a glorified typewriter and likely think Reader Rabbit crap is all that can be done on PC’s and said “Fuggitaboutit!”.

        Not to mention Microsoft did nothing to ease transitions when computers were changing real fast from 16 bit to 32 bit and the dreaded 64 bit Vista crap which killed developers like Broder Bund that couldn’t keep up.

        Apple at least always made their systems backwards compatible and very stable updates until they decided to go to smart phones and stopped caring though recent signs are showing a recovery with new plans to bring freedom again while Microsoft is going to *rental* apps.

        No Microsoft I refuse to make my PC closed and they day they do that is the day I go to either Linux or Apple which runs on Linux.

        Computer gaming actually struggled during the switch from 16 bit to 32 bit when Sound Blaster 16/AWE 32 cards would not work on 2000/XP because the PCI slots changed on most computers so Broder Bund was left with a bunch of software that didn’t work or work very well or HE games like Freddie and Pajama Sam.

        Now some of those games are playable vis SCUMM VM emulator providing you have the .HE data files and once again I can relive my childhood with Putt Putt Goes To The Moon!.

        God I loved the amount of clickables in the education/adventure games!!!!

        I grew up back when educational games were made on the PC playing Freddie Fish and Pajama Sam/Putt Putt series which are now all playable on SCUMM emulator for the PC and phones.

  1. You are on the right path. It’s called awareness to how the world actually works and all wars ARE banker wars and the plan is for a world wide collapse once all the players are in place AND Americans are disarmed so nobody has a chance to stand in the way or the shit will blow back in their face when they revel themselves killing off the old roots!!!!

    You think paying for DLC is bad they will force you to within this lifetime to have the body chip to even BUY or SELL video games and the console won’t even turn on unless yo u wave your hand or something to identify yourself a and it sends a log to the government on what types of games you play as well as forcing your bank account on it.

    if you are a potential threat there would be a hidden code to *lock* you out of your own console as they will use video games to make profiles by TAVISTOCK and groups like that.

    Now for my own two cents.
    The entertainment industry including video gaming is all controlled by the rich elite one percents and the Clintons helped paved the way and Obama finally wrote it in pen and ink and Bush just stood back letting it all happen though with the type of Congress in charge there isn’t much he could do anyways and said in a later interview that “No matter who sits in that chair they would’ve been forced to do the same things I did” and he wouldn’t elaborate more.

    Those words chilled me to the bone and I realized that the once great America has a giant FOR SALE sign on it for petro dollars.

    There is a battle between state ran communists/fascism and extreme globalist bankers with us caught in the middle with our pants down deciding who will get to own the globe and skies including spraying toxins which I won’ get into on here as I don’t want to get into finger pointing conspiracies.

    The players are almost all in place for a world wide collapse to once and for all shut out the *shell* of the free market system and replace that with a global ID system which the BRICKS nations will have all the wealth or at least as much as they can get and the global bankers want it also and NEITHER side has any thought of the Constitution and have been involved in groups that have a “God Damn America” type view.

    The only reason the Chinese haven’t attacked the USA is because China relies on them to buy cheap crap so in the event of an attack nobody would be left to buy and most of the world now relies on China.

    Japan has shuttered it’s electronic industry during the 2008 crash and all your video game consoles are made with slave labor parts imported from Chinese slaves working for 75 cents a day and a bowl of rice in sweat shop conditions locked in their areas and many workers jump out of windows committing suicide when conditions get too rough which is more often then not.
    The only people who get the luxuries are those favored by the Communist Party or visitors so war won’t happen.

    The on the other scope is the extreme globalists who are part of the worlds 1 percent wealth families including George Soros *Global Warming* cult to bring the wealth into the hands of the BRICKS nations. George Soros has gone into many countries bankrupting them including Cypress where now the government is stealing people’s own money.

    Don’t believe me? Try this for one of many examples that there is no such thing as an *accident* in politics or wars.

  2. The players in place are on a fast track to shut out the remaining *shell* or illusion of the free market system and video games will follow right along with it.

    That’s why the big industry is working hard to kill PC gaming because consoles it is easier to control people and especially mobile phones. The games suck on mobile phones but they don’t care as long as they get to do the spying.

    Also part of what made the 90s era so great for gaming was there wasn’t as huge of an age gap SO there was a little bit of something for everyone. I poured thru E3 videos of the late 90s and CES shows and it turns out that there was a lot more variety back then and the people were genuinely happier not fighting in console wars to the max.

    Today it’s either extreme blood and cussing or kiddy games by Nintendo for 5 year olds like Wolly Yarn which is just a rehash of YI which I still have for the SNES and I am happy with that and don’t need a remake.
    The only good thing Nintendo has got going is the new Star Fox game which looks like a game for 12 instead of their lineup for 5 year old casual gamers.

    That’s how Rareware games were made for 12 year olds that have more of a sense of what’s going on in the world but not too adultish either and they actually lost sales after Conker’s Bad Fur Day and were not sure what their future was going to be. I actually remember them hinting at having issues so I wasn’t too surprised they were shut down however what shocked and angered me was MS buying them out out of all businesses and choose to focus on gimmicks!!!!!!

    Even Nintendo wasn’t so gimmick in the old days. Yes Nintendo always had gimmicks for sale but they never forced it onto you like the Wii and Wii U tablet did which was awkward at best if you had the patience to fiddle with them.

    They were always optionable to the games or actually DID improve gameplay right out of the box such as the expansion packs or rumble packs for the fishing game in OOT. The funniest Nintendo gimmick was the Gyro Mate robot for the NES or the Japan only sewing machine.

    Yes Nintendo actually did create a SEWING MACHINE and you could sew patterns on it and it connected to your gameboy printer which was another gimmick that was an option.

    Mario games also were different instead of always rehashing Super Mario Galaxy or NSMB. Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World were vastly different in style of game play and couldn’t even be compared where now it’s just rehashes.

    Super Mario 3D Land looks the only promising Mario game going back to the roots of Super Mario 64.

  3. Meanwhile as Linux becomes more popular due to MS choosing to wall their OS there will be a huge surge in the coming years which will make Linux software like Mint become more polished.

    Sorry but Steam OS wont’ count because it’s just another game machine that you can only do THEIR stuff on it.

    Nintendo NEEDS to make their own kind of home computer that users can control and just give up on the gaming machines since they are going to eventually go to phones and Nintendo will be forced to have *smart phone Zelda* Yuck! or make a full fledge computer that can do lots of stuff!

    Nintendo Wii and Wii U shows that Nintendo isn’t sure of what their future is and I think it’s due to the push towards mobile OS which will dumb gaming down even further to Angry Birds level. 😦

    Nintendo will either do one of two things. Go to mobile phones and go out of business or make a full fledge computer of their own to go where Microsoft left.

    Did you know Microsoft in the late 90s till early 2000s used to have their own in house development teams for computer games?

  4. If Nintendo goes to phones it will be very stupid like Ninty OS or some other stupid name that is a rip off of an Android with a few colourfull background changes that will make their Ninty OS phone be nothing more then an expensive toy to play with and not be treated seriously by smarter people like you.

    Nintendo will then probably go out of business and be bought out by someone like Nokia.

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