Home Media – Part 2 – The Setup

Part 1: The NAS Build Part 3: The Rip Part 4: OSMC/KODI/XBMC So what do you do if you want to build an unRAID box? unRAID boots from a USB flash drive, and the flash drive needs to have a GUID or Globally Unique Identifier. This is for the purposes of licensing. If you do end up... Continue Reading →

Home Media – Part 1 – The NAS build

This is all part of a series. Part 2: The Setup Part 3: The Rip Part 4: OSMC/KODI/XBMC Digital media and distribution is the way of the future. Netflix is doing it, iTunes is doing it, and Steam is doing it. These are three very successful examples of cloud based streaming and digital distribution services.... Continue Reading →

Which SSD should I buy?

In short, an Intel branded SSD. The long story goes a little different than this. Let me tell you that story. I was an early adopter of SSD technology. Initially I sprung for an OCZ branded SSD, two RMA's and 3 failed OCZ SSD drives later, I had a very expensive paper weight. Not much... Continue Reading →

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