Geek vs Nerd

You may be asking, what is Nerd Drivel? Nerd Drivel is a site dedicated to reviews about tech and all things Nerd. PC, Video Games, Android, Science and Tech in general. These days I noticed it is really hard to find a really detailed review about the things I’m passionate about. Don’t get me wrong they are out there, but these geeks these days only glaze over the tech. If it has a cool factor of 10 well then they are sold, I however am not. I’m not sold on the cool factor, to me functionality and usability are paramount.

Here you will find reviews and topics that promise to be objective, sometimes I will rant, sometimes I will rave like a lunatic but in the end I will keep and open mind and promise to give everything Nerd a fair shake.

Geek vs Nerd



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