How to Generalize a Linux VM Template

When building out an environment of any kind, you need to have a good starting base, a strong foundation and the same holds true for many things. It's no different when building a virtual machine (VM) template to deploy in your environment in a repeatable fashion. Recently I spent some time developing a generalized/sanitized VM template for Red... Continue Reading →

Things to understand about unRAID and XEN.

There seems to be a little misconception about the target audience for unRAID and XEN, so I think I'll take a couple minutes and clarify. unRAID is primarily aimed at the entry to mid level as far as difficulty is concerned. Also you need some technical know how and the capability to trouble shoot. This is... Continue Reading →

Xen Hypervisor and unRAID server 6

For those of you that have home servers or are considering one, this might be of a little interest to you. Have a look at this quick post first. First let me talk about Unraid server. Unraid server is a storage server used for media, documents and whatever else you need storage for. It's essentially... Continue Reading →

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