Evolve Big Alpha

Like many around the globe I received an Evolve Big Alpha key on Thursday, and last night I downloaded the game and got a chance to try it out. My first impressions are right after the video.

So as you can see Evolve is an asymmetrical multi-player game. What does that mean, well it’s 4 vs 1, not 2 vs 2, etc. In the video you can see me playing as a support guy and as the monster. The monster is big, fast, and strong. The human characters are generic, and your typical space shooter characters, not much there really. I found that the monster was a little to powerful and the human characters were a little too weak. But I’m sure there will be some balancing done on this game in it’s near future. More than anything though I found that the game doesn’t really require any skill. At it’s core it’s very basic, great for the pre-teen in your household. Much like CoD I think this will be the target demographic of Evolve. In general I found that the game is very underwhelming. My excitement lasted all of about 5 minutes and then it quickly subsided due to it’s lack of skill level requirement. The game is just not challenging enough for me to keep playing for an extended period of time. In my personal opinion there needs to be more to the game, maybe the maps need to be more interactive. Perhaps the addition of levers and switches that change the layout of a map and change the pace of the game. If this would occur the human players would be forced to alter their strategies and change their play style, in the end this would alter the flow of the game. There is one thing that the developer did right and they deserve credit for it, this would be the basic level design. When I was running around as the monster trying to feed and Evolve I wasn’t getting hung up on the map and areas with in the map, well done.

Having played the Alpha, I will not be picking up the final product. I can not see the final product being much different from the current Alpha, aside from the standard balancing and what not of course. Being able to play as the monster was fun for a short while but it was short lived and over all the game is a huge snooze fest. The game didn’t really draw me in, and in my personal opinion this is a testament to it’s mediocrity.

Happy Halloween and Happy Gaming.

Did you have a different gaming experience in Evolve, what did you or did you not like about it?



I’ve taken a short hiatus from the site, as you may have already noticed.



What’s this picture above all about… well I’ve been really going hard with Brazillian Jiu Jitsu lately, and dedicating most of my spare time to it. I started again last November after a 3 year hiatus in BJJ. I don’t like not posting on here so I promised myself to dedicate at least one afternoon on the weekend to posts on the blog. Those of you that have posted questions, apologies for the late replies.