I’ve taken a short hiatus from the site, as you may have already noticed.



What’s this picture above all about… well I’ve been really going hard with Brazillian Jiu Jitsu lately, and dedicating most of my spare time to it. I started again last November after a 3 year hiatus in BJJ. I don’t like not posting on here so I promised myself to dedicate at least one afternoon on the weekend to posts on the blog. Those of you that have posted questions, apologies for the late replies.


Geek vs Nerd


You may be asking, what is Nerd Drivel? Nerd Drivel is a site dedicated to reviews about tech and all things Nerd. PC, Video Games, Android, Science and Tech in general. These days I noticed it is really hard to find a really detailed review about the things I’m passionate about. Don’t get me wrong they are out there, but these geeks these days only glaze over the tech. If it has a cool factor of 10 well then they are sold, I however am not. I’m not sold on the cool factor, to me functionality and usability are paramount.

Here you will find reviews and topics that promise to be objective, sometimes I will rant, sometimes I will rave like a lunatic but in the end I will keep and open mind and promise to give everything Nerd a fair shake.

Geek vs Nerd