Windows 10 Remote Server Administration Tools finally available.

Despite Windows 10 being more like Windows 8 than Windows 7 and a security nightmare, you might be using it at work and there is also a chance you might want to administer your Active Directory. I prefer this method it is easier to work with than having to RDP to the Domain Controller. Microshaft finally decided to release the RSAT tool kit for Windows 10, and you can grab it here:

Install it on your machine and give it a reboot. Once you reboot your computer head over to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off.

Under Remote Server Administration Tools and Role Administration Tools select the features you might want.adds

Note that the Group Policy Administration Tools feature sits under Remote Server Administration Tools > Feature Administration Tools.GPO

There you go, finally you can manage your domain from the comfort of your desktop. Also to note that these features were all installed by default when I installed Windows 10 RSAT, this might be due to the fact that I upgraded from Windows 7 and it had RSAT installed but when I upgraded Windows 10 did not have an equivalent feature set. I’m thinking there might have been a setting left over from the previous OS version, that’s all. If not be sure to chime in.

All these features can be accessed from the Administrative Tools section in the Control Panel.AdminTools

Noe you have to find a way to enjoy the shitty OS.


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